Resident Testimonials

“I cannot say enough about the incredible impact Busara Recovery Home has had on my daughter’s life. The care and support they provided have been truly transformative. Our family’s journey with addiction has been a challenging one, but Busara has been a beacon of hope, guiding us towards recovery and healing.
From the moment we reached out to Busara, we were met with understanding and compassion. The staff’s dedication and professionalism were evident right from the initial consultation. They created a customized treatment plan for my daughter, which addressed her unique needs and challenges. This personalized approach made all the difference in her recovery journey.
The holistic approach to recovery at Busara, which includes therapy, counseling, and life skills training, has been instrumental in my daughter’s progress. She not only gained the tools to overcome addiction but also developed valuable life skills to help her thrive in the future.
The facility itself is a welcoming and serene environment, providing a sense of safety and comfort. It’s clear that Busara Recovery Home places a strong emphasis on creating a supportive and nurturing atmosphere for those on their path to recovery.
What truly sets Busara apart is the caring and compassionate staff. The counselors, therapists, and support personnel are not just professionals, but they are also genuinely passionate about helping individuals overcome addiction and other mental health issues. They provided our daughter and my husband and myself with unwavering support and encouragement.
Today, I am delighted to say that my daughter is on a path to recovery and a brighter future. Busara Recovery Home has been a true blessing, and we are forever grateful for their role in our lives. If you or a loved one are struggling with addiction, I wholeheartedly recommend Busara Recovery Home. They have made a profound impact on my family.” –A parent of a resident.

“During my time at Busara, I worked on my confidence and felt more empowered.  I was able to make better decisions, feel less panicky, and I am doing more things that I had been afraid to do.  I am taking more responsibility for getting better and have a new respect for the recovery process.  I don’t feel that life is worthless anymore – it has meaning. I now feel a sense of pride in my life and want to do things for me.” K.O., Busara Resident, 2023

“My time at Busara has helped me to challenge my thinking when needed, learn healthier coping mechanisms, engage with my trauma at a deep level, and to process that trauma as well as realize how essential fun, friends, support groups, creativity, and rest are for recovery and well-being.  I progressed from non-functioning with high anxiety, grief, and trauma to functional again.  The support and care I received at Busara were just what I needed to enable me to feel safe enough to do the deep and rigorous work of therapy.” T.R., Resident -2023 

“I came to Busara in need of a lot of help and care. I have DID and PTSD. I did not know how to function in daily life and was really struggling to trust people. Busara provided a safe place for me to continue my healing after treatment. The staff was so helpful when I was stuck in the past. They walked with me day in and day out for two years and loved me through some of the toughest days of my life. I grew so much during my time at the house. I am now living on my own, attending college, and creating a future. At Busara, I went from mentally unstable to stable and thriving.” -M.H Resident of 2021-2023

“In addition to receiving guidance and support related to mental health, I have gained confidence in my sense of self and my social interactions with others.  I have gained the ability to be more independent in making daily decisions, learning and dealing more effectively with my anxiety, and asking for help without shame. Living with my housemates has given me a better appreciation for the relationships that grow among like-minded individuals and people with similar experiences that may not be obvious at first glance. Living at Busara has helped me to understand that the key ingredient in healing and recovery is grace.”    A.A. – Resident, 2022

“Busara House was my first experience at a sober home after looking at various options. I’m so glad it is where I chose to be during such a vulnerable time in my life. Dr. Chester and her team were very supportive and compassionate. This was not an environment of restrictions or parenting, but of helping me along my individual path to healing. Dr. Chester is very hands on and pays attention to every detail to ensure each patient’s stay is comfortable. I really appreciated that and the open lines of communication. If ever there was something to be discussed, it was very solution oriented. I felt safe, heard, and cared for. I am grateful for this experience.” J., 2022

“Dr. Chester has been very successful in creating a safe place for women to transition home. Busara is uniquely structured for every resident’s needs and the structure helped my emotional and physical health.” T.H 2020

“After Busara, I feel like I am finally able to have control over my life. I’m staying organized, keeping up with my school work, and taking care of my mental and physical health. I feel put together.” -C.A 2020

​”Busara’s House Managers and Dr. Chester really do care, even when I was difficult or had hard days. They were always ready to listen and to give feedback if I wanted it. I learned about me from them and the other residents that I was living with and that’s part of being there. Now I’m on a better path.” -Anonymous 2021

​”My time at Busara was amazing. I was already a resident by the time various COVID-19 shelter-in-place measures began, and the support of Dr. Chester and the house managers was immense in my recovery. The DBT skills I got to practice at Busara have helped me stay regulated through hour-long customer service calls that would have ruined my week in the past. It really was like having a supportive, understanding parent to assist me in the process of growing myself back up. While my previous habit had been being hard on myself. I got even more practice listening to and examining my feelings. I was able to focus on my recovery and getting my apartment back in shape for me to move back to it. Busara was such a great transition from inpatient to life on my own again.” –K.W., 2020

“I’ve been to a lot of places. Dr. Chester and the House Managers are not like those places. I was cared about. When I wasn’t sure about me, they were. They were there to talk, listen and believed in me. I couldn’t have gotten through what I needed to without them. Busara made the difference in my life.” –Anonymous 2020

“I had all the right pieces. I didn’t know how to put them together. Busara gave me the tools, the border and frame to fill in the rest of my puzzle, for life.” J.L Past resident 2020

“Busara is a home away from home. It’s a place where you are seen and heard. There is unconditional love and support from each of the women on staff. I feel like this was a safe place for me to recover and reclaim my life. I am grateful to have found Busara and to have celebrated many milestones here with them.” -D.H Resident 2020-2021

“Thank you so much for having me at Busara! I am so grateful for the caring environment that surrounded me like a warm fuzzy blanket.” –M.D Resident 2020

“The Busara House was the answer to our prayers! My wife was able to recover from severe depression and anxiety after being in several mental facilities over the course of 4 to 5 months and undergoing ECT treatment that left her unable to function at home for several weeks. It was a place to get my wife back on her feet. They helped her mentally, physically and spiritually and regaining her confidence in herself. The residential home is very practical, and for me to continue to work while my wife recovered. Thank you, Dr. Chester and all of your staff.” –Resident’s Husband 2020

“Busara was a very welcoming environment. While the house was very nice and there was always what I liked in the fridge and pantry, the big thing for me is that the House Managers were always available and very supportive. Busara was a positive experience for me.” -B.A Resident 2021-2022

“Even though I was only at Busara for a short period of time, Dr. Chester and the house managers made huge impact on my transition and did everything they could to make it as seamless and comfortable as possible. There was always someone there for me if I needed anything, and they worked with me to create a personalized plan for success. I always felt safe at the house, and I felt comfortable and heard while discussing questions or concerns with Dr. Chester. The staff truly cares for us and wants to see us succeed, and they really helped me stick to my plan and maintain healthy habits. I’m extremely grateful for everything Dr. Chester and the house managers have done for me, and I highly recommend Busara to anyone looking for transitional living!” -C.T 2022​​

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