Frequently Asked Questions

We recognize that you may not have everything you need when you arrive at Busara.  We have velvet hangers, laundry detergent, laundry baskets, iron and ironing board, towels, sheets, blankets, bath soap, and beach towels for the pool – most all that you will need.   

What we wear often represents what we think of ourselves.  Nothing too tight or revealing – we want the emphasis on healing, not on what someone is wearing.  The same goes for bathing suits.   We ask that you limit the amount of clothing and personal items that you bring as you will be sharing a room with another resident.

Residents must be responsible for medications and must keep them in a lock box in their room. NO NARCOTIC MEDICATIONS ARE ALLOWED if you are hospitalized and prescribed a pain medication, they must be Tylenol 3 and you will only be allowed to take them for 72 hours in the house. Additionally, must be working a program of honesty and being up front with your doctor that you are in recovery sober living and ask for alternative medications that can be taken for pain. Must not be taking any narcotics, controlled substances, benzodiazepines, stimulant medications, laxatives and/or diet pills.

Food is often a trigger for women, and we do understand.  Staff is available to talk about reactions to food and eating in general.  We will always have women with different preferences and needs.  We will accommodate to the level that we are able, however, the house itself is not strictly vegan, vegetarian or any other type of eating style. We have a well stocked kitchen, including pots and pans, blender, air fryer, crock pot – you name it, we likely have it.  

Our goal at Busara is successful recovery and vibrant independent living.  We find that having a regular time to start the day and end the day is part of a helpful daily rhythm.  We expect that each resident has a clear idea of what they are wanting to accomplish for the day and the week in terms of their recovery activities.  These planned accomplishments are reviewed weekly with staff.  Dr. Chester and Jennifer are aware of each residents schedule and their progress. 

Ideally each day includes some type of movement, learning, reflection and integration around a recovery or therapeutic topic. the resident should be attending recovery meetings and therapeutic sessions and meetings as needed.  Some form of employment, volunteer work or educational progress is also a part of the residents schedule.  We expect that each resident is a part of the Busara community and is supportive of their fellow resident and their recovery goals.   We have a community meeting at Tuesday at 6:30 PM.

Saturdays allow our residents to rest a bit from the week and to complete the necessary chores that make life easier for the following week.  Residents often use Saturday in the community and enjoy new experiences either with another resident or friend or family.  Sundays are a time where residents can attend spiritual services of their choice, prepare for the week ahead and reflect on the accomplishments of the week.  

Allowing residents a sense of privacy is a priority and for that reason we do not allow guests in the house. 

Residents are able to use Uber, Lyft or other transportation services to attend their recovery groups, therapies or get to other appointments.  

Each resident is responsible for their personal expenses. For example, food, medicines, co-pays for doctor visits, haircuts and transportation. 

We prefer that residents remain in Busara’s structured support home for the entirety of the term in which we are supporting their recovery.  We understand that family, work, and other life matters may make it necessary for the resident to spend short periods elsewhere.  During those periods, their bedroom spaces are still allocated for their use, the staff remain attuned to their recovery goals and progress, and all other aspects of the home aside from their physical attendance and sleeping remain.  Due to this, a monetary credit is not extended to the resident for any stays away from Busara.

Busara is a substance free home.  Vaping is allowed outside of the main home only.

Feel free to contact Dr. Chester and Jennifer and they will be happy to speak with you about any questions you may have. 

Busara cannot accommodate Service animals in our current facility.

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