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Busara Sober Living has been sucessfully partnering with women who are on their recovery journey since 2019. We believe that our small size ( 8 residents maximum) along with care and structure allow women to heal and move forward with their life. We know that when residents feel accepted and supported, real change is possible.

Our Purpose

Our sober living homes serve a crucial purpose: to offer a transitional space that allows you to reinforce the skills learned in rehab. This in-between recovery option provides you with the support, structure, and guidance needed to navigate the challenges of returning to your daily life while maintaining your commitment to sobriety.

Our Mission

Busara’s primary mission is to provide a safe and nurturing space for women to seek support, guidance, and encouragement on their journey to life recovery. We believe that by fostering a strong community, women can build each other up and overcome the challenges they face in their personal and professional lives.​

We invite you to learn ​about the Busara Difference. ​ ​Our name? ​Wisdom, Prudence, and Understanding in the Swahili language.

Our outcomes research indicates that the majority of residents who complete the Busara program do not to treatment. This is significant because our residents have a history of multiple treatment experiences. Busara provides exceptional, evidenced-based, cost-effective post-treatment care to women 18 and older in an environment where wisdom, confidence, and accomplishment flourish.

We understand that the journey to sobriety is a challenging and deeply personal one. We provide a safe and supportive environment that operates as a bridge between the structured setting of an inpatient facility and the demands of the “real world.”

The In-Between Solution-My Busara

The In-Between Solution

Leaving an inpatient facility can be a significant step, but the transition back to everyday life can be equally daunting. It's not uncommon to find yourself grappling with the adjustments required during this critical phase of your recovery journey. This is where our sober living homes come into play.

Our Purpose-My Busara

Our Purpose

To offer a transitional space that allows you to reinforce the skills learned in rehab. This in-between recovery option provides you with the support, structure, and guidance needed to navigate the challenges of returning to your daily life while maintaining your commitment to sobriety.

Who We Serve-My Busara

Who We Serve

All of our residents have experienced some type of trauma. Busara is a place of recovery and it is substance free home. Our extensive knowledge of mental health services and providers in the Dallas area allow us to encourage residents to utilize or create their recovery team in order to manage the past, present and future without the use of substances.

The Rhythm of Recovery-My Busara

The Rhythm of Recovery

This is a critically important outcome of life at Busara. Recovery occurs through thoughtful and collaborative goal setting, making daily use of available recovery resources and support, putting those resources into motion, and finally, understanding and being responsive to the outcome and the part that they individually play in their recovery.

Schedule-My Busara


Dr. Chester and Jennifer check-in with residents frequently during the week to support their accomplishments. This regular support and feedback meeting is another aspect of the Clinical orientation of Busara.

Admissions Information-My Busara

Admissions Information

If you are interested in becoming a resident at Busara, please call Jennifer or Dr. Chester they can answer any questions that you might have.

Choosing Busara Recovery Home Sober Living Means Embracing The Following Benefits:

Accountability and Responsibility-My Busara

Accountability and Responsibilities

To maintain a structured and supportive environment, we conduct random Breath Alcohol Tests (BA's) and Urinalysis (UA's). Residents are also expected to participate in daily chores to promote a sense of responsibility and teamwork.

Week Recovery Meetings-My Busara

Weekly Recovery Meetings

Residents need to attend four recovery meetings each week. These meetings provide essential support and guidance on the path to sobriety. Our community is here to help you every step of the way.

Self-Sufficiency-My Busara


Residents are responsible for purchasing their own food and managing their medications. This fosters self-sufficiency and independence while ensuring that each individual's unique needs are met.

Sponsorship and Engagement-My Busara

Sponsorship and Engagement

To strengthen your commitment to recovery, we ask that residents work with a sponsor. Sponsors offer guidance, support, and a listening ear when needed. Additionally, residents are expected to be engaged in productive activities such as working, attending school, or volunteering, as part of their journey towards a fulfilling life.

Community Meetings

Community Meetings

Our mandatory community meeting is held every Tuesday night at 5:30 PM. This meeting is an opportunity for residents to connect, share experiences, and provide support to one another. It's a crucial part of our close-knit community.

Support and Check-ins-My Busara

Support and Check-ins

Our team is here to support you throughout your journey. We check in with our residents frequently throughout the week to support you in accomplishing your recovery goals.

As part of our commitment to clinical excellence, Busara is pleased to be an official training site for the Chicago School of Professional Psychology – Dallas Campus. ​Master Level students completing a Clinical Mental Health Counseling Program can complete practicum rotations or a yearlong Internship. These students are in the final stages of the degree program and are supervised both by Dr. Chester and professors at the Chicago School.


"The Busara House was the answer to our prayers! My wife was able to recover from severe depression and anxiety after being in several mental facilities over the course of 4 to 5 months"
Resident's Husband 2020
"I'm extremely grateful for everything Dr. Chester and the house managers have done for me, and I highly recommend Busara to anyone looking for transitional living!"
CT. 2022
"I feel like this was a safe place for me to recover and reclaim my life. I am grateful to have found Busara and to have celebrated many milestones here with theme."
D.H Resident 2020-2021
"I've been to a lot of places. Dr. Chester and the House Managers are not like those places. I was cared about. When I wasn't sure about me, they were."
Anonymous 2020
"Busara gave me the tools, the border and frame to fill in the rest of my puzzle, for life."
J.L Past Resident 2020

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