We are excited about the possibility of you joining our recovery community!  If you are interested in learning more about Busara for yourself or a loved one, please give Jennifer or Dr. Chester a call or send an email.  We will get back to you as quickly as possible.  We want to learn about your recovery goals and how we can best help you on this part of your recovery journey.   

The cost for a shared room at Busara is $  $1,050.00 per month.  You are expected to provide your own food.  You will have refrigerator, freezer, and pantry space. There is also a one-time non-refundable sobriety fee of $250 which is paid with your first month’s fee.

For more information you may talk to Jennifer at this number (469) 822-3167 or Dr. Gail Chester at (214) 415-1674 

There are some residents who choose to have additional Clinical Support as a way to strengthen their recovery journey.   If this is of interest to you, please speak with Dr. Chester or Jennifer.

Congratulations! You have worked hard in treatment and are realizing that there are more gains to be made before you go back to work, school or home.  Residential post-treatment care is a way to make sure those gains are rock solid. 

We hope that if you are reading this page that you understand the Busara difference, having spent some time learning about our vision and your place in it.  We are unique with recovery savy, clinically strong, trauma informed staff who invest deeply in each resident.  Our home is warm and inviting, allowing energy for continued work to be done in a caring, safe environment. 

Who Best Flourishes At Busara?

Busara is a supportive community that caters to women with a combination of substance use and mental health concerns or those solely dealing with mental health issues, providing a secure and structured environment tailored to individual needs. Admissions are determined on a case-by-case basis to ensure the best fit for each resident in the recovery setting. Prospective residents are evaluated through conversations with Dr. Chester, involving the resident, treatment team, and pre-treatment therapists. The goal is to assess if Busara is the most suitable fit, and if so, Dr. Chester collaborates with the current treatment facility for an effective transition. Residents typically benefit from a minimum three-month stay for healing and building confidence in managing life challenges post-treatment, with the awareness that traditional insurance may not cover post-treatment recovery care.​
How To Contact Dr. Chester: Gail Chester Ph.D., our founder and administrator, can be reached at 214-415-1674 or at gailchester@mybusara.com​.  It would be her privilege to speak with you. 

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