The Busara Difference


Busara is a small, personalized, caring home where its eight community members are safe to continue the transformation process that began in treatment and to support others in our community as they do the same. Women who are not currently successful in their current environment are also eligible to be considered as a resident at Busara. 

Each resident recognizes that allowing themselves the time and space to become more deeply grounded and proficient in therapeutic skills and life management techniques maximizes the opportunity for long term life and recovery success, however it is defined for each woman. 

LIfe goes better when there is structure. We expect our residents to be addressing their recovery through a combination of recovery programing, attending intensive outpatient therapy, individual or group therapy, and taking any prescribed medications. Additionally, it is important to be working, furthering education, voluntering or some combination of these activities. 

We want each resident to be successful in living independently, dwell in stability and peace, and experience a restored relationship with ones’ self and others. Our emphasis on healthy lifestyle choices and a substance free environment make these success intentions much easier to achieve. 

Everyone in the Busara community is working on individual goals. These goals center around what it means to be healthy in all areas of life. Moving toward accomplishment means keeping every step toward mastery front and center each day. Busara’s staff help our residents stay focused and positive even in the face of what may seem like a set-back. The residents also support each other through challenging moments and better days. This is what it means to be in connected and in community. 

Long lasting change is never easy; it takes time and support. It is also not linear. There are curves in the patch of change which is why Jennifer and Dr. Chester partner with each resident. They provide consistent encouragement and coaching, as well as positive role modeling. Our desire is that each resident leaves Busara strong, confident, and with the ability to use the knowledge she has gained about herself to direct her life wisely.

Who Does Busara Serve?

Busara serves the woman for whom life has been a challenge. This could be due to genetic, family, or environmental factors.  All of our residents are very courageous. They have tried over and over to improve their lives, even when life has thrown what feels like hand granades, to trip them up and make them feel that real change is not possible. Our residents have felt like, and perhaps have believed, that they will never get through college, have a long term relationship, be able to work anywhere for more than a few months, have real friends, get along with family. Life truly has been hard and feels hard.

The substance abuse and mental health challenges that our residents come to us with are both common and distinctive.  Common in the sense that we understand the ravages of substance abuse and how mental health and trauma affect coping mechanisms, and distinctive in the way that each woman’s experience impacts her recovery.  

Our residents have experienced some type of trauma. Busara is a place of recovery, it is a substance free home.  Our extensive knowledge of mental health services and providers in the Dallas area allow us to encourage residents to utilize or create their recovery team in order to manage the past, present and future without the use of substances.

I had all the right pieces.  I didn’t know how to put them together.  Busara gave me the tools, the border and frame. to fill in the rest of my puzzle, for life.   J.L., Past Resident 2020

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