Busara Is Cost Effective

Many individuals and their families believe that when they or their loved one is discharged from treatment that the hard part of change is over.  Mental health professionals and recovery professionals know that inpatient treatment is the beginning of long lasting change. Thirty or 45 days allows the mind and body to be cleared of harmful toxins or to be rested again. The individual is learning what it means to feel and become stable and more often than not it can sometimes take 2 or 3 weeks just to feel back to ones’ self. In that case, treatment was really just a week or two of meaningful work. 

Leaving the security of the treatment environment and returning to a home or previous environment often causes anxiety for the individual and their family.  Has treatment “worked?” Will there be a relapse? No one wants failure, disappointment and loss of hope.  

We, at Busara, believe that effective treatment is a gift and an opportunity to change ones’ life.  Effective treatment without strategic, professional support after discharge can be extremely costly.  Growth attained in treatment can be stunted. The loss of what is possible, the potential sense of failure and letting ones’ self and others down, feeling stuck with the old, and negative patterns are traits of incomplete aftercare.  Getting post-treatment care right allows all involved to hope again, knowing that they and their loved ones have the tools to be successful in this part of life’s journey.

This is where Busara comes in.  We are an extension of treatment, allowing positive change to take hold, and supporting our resident as a part of their healing team, with the goal of long term success.  Staying out of residential treatment cycle due to relapse (mental health, substance abuse, process addictions) makes Busara extremely cost effective.  

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