What Is A Recovery Home? ​

Busara is a Recovery Home.. We are abstinence and 12-Step based and we address the intersection between substance use and mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and trauma. Our focus is on helping our residents maintain a vibrant sober lifestyle and transition to a vibrant life. 

We understand that addictions often coincide with mental health disorders. Whether or not there is a genetic component that contributes to addiction and mental health concerns, we know that where there is one, there is often the other. Pain is powerful and seeks to be soothed. We provide the framework that gives each resident the maximum opportunity for success. Transitioning from the structure of treatment requires a strategy, and Busara provides that with strong clinical planning and implementation steps. 

Busara takes the varied components of treatment and modifies them for a recovery residential setting. Dr. Chester’s expertise, along with the constancy of staff, partnership with professionals, individual goal setting, a phase model to independent living, and a safe warm comfortable environment, allows long lasting change to have the nutrients it needs to flourish.


Each day starts the same at Busara – with hope, positive expectation and support. During the week, residents are attending their individualized therapies, along with an IOP or PHP program if indicated.  Residents are encouraged to participate in volunteering as a group and also individually. Residents often use Saturday in the community and enjoy new experiences either with another resident or friend or family.  Sundays are a time where residents can attend spiritual services of their choice, prepare for the week ahead and reflect on the accomplishments of the week.  Sunday is a more relaxed day and a time for preparing for the week ahead.  

Dr. Chester and Jennifer check-in with residents frequently during the week to check in with their accomplishments. This regular support and feedback meeting is another aspect of the Clinical orientation of Busara.  

Busara is a home away from home.  It’s a place where you are seen and heard.  There is inconditional love and support from each of the women on staff.  I feel like this was a safe place for me to recover and reclaim my life.  I am grateful to have found Busara and to have celebrated many milestones here with them.  D.H. Resident, 2020-21   

Thank you so much for having me at Busara!  I am so grateful for the caring environment that surrounded me like a warm fuzzy blanket.  M.D.  Resident, 2020 

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