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About Dr. Chester And An Invitation

Thank you for taking the time to review the Busara website. You will find more information about me below. I'd like to take a moment and share with you the importance of a clincally strong post-treatment setting and why I created Busara.

When an individual completes a 30 or 45 day program, they are ready to make use of treatment more completely about 14-21 days after admission. Why? Because the brain and the body have to adjust to the changes that they are experiencing - physiologically, mentally, emotionally, socially and environmentally.

This means that most individuals are discharging from treatment having the abillity to really integrate what they are learning within the last 2-3 weeks of their time at the facility. Real change takes time and that's not a great deal of time.

The importance of a program like Busara is that we fiunction as a "step-down" from treatment or a treatment like environment. We know treatment programs and we know what sustained change looks like and what it takes to integrate newer behaviors into long term patterns. Every resident who has lived with us has sustained positive change. They do really well with us, and we all take joy in the positive steps that are made.

I created Busara because in my clinical practice I was saddened and dismayed at the number of people who went to treatment or had discharged from treatment, only to find themselves walking backwards and locating their old negative patterns. They were disappointed in themselves, ashamed, and their families were disheartened and not sure what to do next. Hope had been lost for all involved. They had received the tools at treatment, it was just really hard to put all the tools into place. Overwhelm happened and then feelings of defeat showed up.

I wanted to create a home environment that took the best of caring and warmth and connected those emotions with clinical excellence. That allows individuals to experience sustained change with both warmth and structure.

I am happy to speak with you further about what we offer. Whether you explore residency at Busara or not, I would encourage you to give yourself or your loved one the gift of continued treatment through residency at a clincally strong post treatment environment.

Wishing you movement toward better - Dr. Chester

About Dr. Chester

Dr. Chester is the founder and administrator of Busara Therapeutic Residential Support Homes. She is a highly skilled and compassionate clinician who believes that we all have an inherent desire for growth and despite what may have been, we want the best for ourselves. For this growth to take place and to be long lasting, nurturing support is needed along with structure and goal accomplishment.  

Dr. Chester took her doctorate from Texas Woman’s University in Counseling Psychology with a sub-specialty in Organizational Psychology. Her post-doctoral experience focused on Organizational Psychology. Dr. Chester’s Master’s Degree is in Clinical/Counseling Psychology from Southern Methodist University. 

This training and on-going education has allowed her to work competently and compassionately with a variety of people and situations in diverse settings for over 30 years. Dr. Chester is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist as well as a Licensed Professional Counselor who has been approved by the State of Texas to supervise individuals working toward their LPC licensure. 

On a personal note, Dr. Chester has been married for 25 years and has a college-age son. Also, she hasn’t missed the State Fair of Texas in more years than she’s willing to admit, enjoys ethnic foods, anything out in the air, and believes that curiosity and improvement are important elements of a well-lived life. 

 For additional information regarding Dr. Chester, please see her Clinical website at www.gailchesterphd.com

Busara’s House Managers and Dr. Chester really do care, even when I was difficult or had hard days. They were always ready to listen and to give feedback if I wanted it. I learned about me from them and the other residents that I was living with and that’s part of being there. Now I’m on a better path.
​-Anonymous, 2021

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